Gary’s Truman Lake Fishing Guide Service

Gary’s Fishing Guide Service offers a non-casting approach to catching some of Truman Lakes biggest and hardest fighting fish, the Striped Hybrid Bass.


You will be fishing out of a 20′ Skeeter center console boat.

Truman Lake Fishing

My goal is to get you on some of Truman Lake biggest and hardest fighting fish, the Striped Hybrid Bass also known as wipers and or hybrids.

Truman Lake FishingMy preferred method is to power troll multiple poles and lures with long lines attached to two electric Cannon downriggers.

Just hearing the drag take off should help get your heart rate up!


If you would like to make your fish story even better, try landing your catch on one of our trolling fly rods. A Hybrid on an eight weight fly rod 100′ behind the boat will be a story that you will always remember.

Truman Lake Fishing

What to expect when you go on a guided trolling fishing trip on Truman Lake.

As your guide I will do all of the prep work for you.
I will let out the line with lures, put the line in a clip, lower the down rigger and place the rod in the rod holder. All you need to do sit back and enjoy the lake with all its beautiful scenery and wait for the poles to snap up.



This is a very kid friendly style of fishing.
No casting, just catching, and reeling.